Loopa Automate team present at Rec Plus in Barcelona.

Rec Plus brings together top-level executives from recruitment advertising and technology companies worldwide to learn, network and analyze the changes in the online employment marketplace industry. The team will present to “the best of the best” — including major job boards, technology providers, start-ups and investors from around Europe, Asia and U.S.

The team will present their topic:

Ad Automation: How job portals can recapture their revenue
“In an increasingly competitive environment where Google has made some aggressive strides into the job category, Facebook has launched its job tools, and LinkedIn continues to take an increasing share of the recruitment ad spend, many major websites are needing to rethink their current models. In this presentation Nick Sertis and Matt Cahill will share how you can channel these advertising dollars through your own portal and then extend them across Facebook, Google and the wider programmatic network and generate significant increases in revenue whilst also improving your portals overall performance.”

The 2019 RecPlus program will focus on:

  • Global Trends: Where’s the Industry Heading?
  • Facing and Embracing Disruption: Strategies for the Age of GAFA
  • Lessons from Emerging Markets
  • Building New Business in Mature Markets
  • Smart use of Data and Technology
  • Total Candidate Focus: How does this Change the Business?
  • What’s next? Prepare for the Future
  • We encourage startups to present new ideas. In our Expert Table Session, you can discuss your own focus topics with peers and industry veterans.