The Loopa Automate team are speaking at the Bangkok Property Portal Watch in March 2019. Here they will be speaking on Ad Automation and revenue generating opportunities for the Real-estate portals. Hope to see you there!

About Property Portal Watch

2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Property Portal Watch Conferences. The 25th Property Portal Watch Conference is being held in Bangkok from the 20th to 21st March.

This conference will bring together 250 C-Level managers from around the world to discuss the key issues facing online real estate classifieds and marketplaces industry.

The main theme of this year’s conference is “From Classifieds to Marketplaces – Capturing Value from the Transaction”. The industry is rapidly evolving where online classifieds sites are transitioning from advertising businesses to capturing value from the transaction. Some businesses, particularly in emerging markets, are implementing sales teams to close out property sales while others are offering finance and home relocation products.

At this conference you will hear from CEO’s sharing their real-life experiences in transitioning their businesses from advertising to transaction-based models.