Nick Sertis and Matt Cahill Co-founders of Signifi Media present their ad Automation Software at the Online Property Portal Conference 

What Signifi Media does?

Signifi Media is an online marketing and digital solutions agency with extensive knowledge of technology development, programmatic advertising, classifieds, ad design, eCommerce business and web development. With over 18 years’ experience across a range of online disciplines, our team are experts when it comes to digital display, social adverting campaigns, optimisation, and performance.

How does Loopa Automate work and how does it reach beyond existing customers?

Loopa Automate, Signifi Media’s in-house developed ad automation software, is designed to advertise listings beyond classified portals own site, using the power of 1st party data, programmatic and social channels.  This system is a revenue generation product (the dealer/agent/consumer pays for their listing advertisement to be “boosted” off-network) and provides increased page-views and engagement by the targeting of your portals relevant 1st party audience off-site.

How can I integrate Loopa Automate technology in my system?

Signifi Media have this system ready to go and require minimal integration to get it up and running in weeks rather than months and at minimal costs. Integrate your system with Loopa is easy, and it is just a simple script on your site, and we are ready to go.

Can Loopa Automate technology integrate with only a CRM system?

Yes absolutely, Loopa Automate can be integrated with a range of different CRM systems or portal back end systems. It can be done without the need for a website.

Can you give us an example of a classifieds player you have worked with and seen success with?

We have worked with leading Swedish property portal Hemnet, where we were able to increase traffic to their listings by 50%. You can read more about our work with Hemnet here.

How do you see the market evolving and what will you be doing to be ahead of the curve?

We see the growth in Digital Advertising continuing and the technical landscape changing rapidly. This is something we are used to, and because we are small and agile, we can support any change the industry throws at us!

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