Real Estate Ads: Great Examples of Advertising on Facebook

5 Tips for creating engaging real estate ADS for Facebook 

Are you struggling to craft your real estate Facebook ads to attract more customers? Here are five amazing tips on how to create engaging, eye-catching, high-converting ads on Facebook.

  • Describe a Home Scene

REMAX New Dimension used emotive language to influence and entice the reader on a personal level. Using words like “Thanksgiving side dish” to conjure up the perfect picture of a family holiday in a beautiful country house, the advertiser taps into the potential buyer’s idea of what makes a house a home. In creating a story around the great features of this listing, this ad successfully captures the imagination of its audience.

  • 360 Degree Virtual Tour

This state-of-the-art technology is the perfect tool to obtain leads, even from among the many people who aren’t able to attend the open house. Using a 360-degree virtual property tour, managed to show potential clients all aspects of the property, which enabled them to make well-informed decisions about the property from the comfort of their homes.

  • Highlight Unique Features

An excellent way to engage your audience and generate more leads is by highlighting the unique features of a property. This ad from The Corcoran Group says very little, but draws the reader in by highlighting the property’s private elevator. Showing off the property’s distinctive feature, which not many properties possess, is a great way of making this ad memorable and let it stand out.

  • Sale by Auction

A great way of converting prospects is to invite them to your auctions or events. This way, they can gain confidence in the bidding process, while seeing how you work at the same time. This also adds the advantage of getting valuable, personal face-to-face time, a great way of building trust. You can also use Facebook ads to ensure your events are at capacity, just like CBRE does.

  • Retarget People with Previous Interest

Have you ever noticed that when you view a property, you will see ads on your social channels showcasing a similar property? Dynamic creative ads and retargeting technologies allow this to happen, which greatly increases engagement, keeps your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds and boosts your conversions. This company used Facebook’s Carousel format to show the listings that the person had previously viewed, as well as other properties that had similar specifications, like price, size, and area.

 If you are looking to upgrade your Facebook ads and take your marketing to the next level, get in touch with us and we’ll create beautiful Facebook ads to boost your engagement and conversions.