About Us

Loopa Automate was designed and developed specifically for online portals across Automotive, Real-estate and Employment listings.

Loopa Automate allows for classifieds listings to be promoted off-network via programmatic and social channels at scale. This system is a revenue generation product (the dealer/agent/consumer pays for their listing advertisement to be “boosted” off-network) and provides increased page-views and engagement by the targeting of your portals relevant 1st party audience off-site.

Loopa-Automate is designed to advertise listings beyond your portals own site using the power of 1st party data, programmatic and social channels. The Ad-technology uses both retargeting and prospecting to display adverts to in-market and relevant 1st party audiences at scale (let us create 1000s of campaigns per day or per month – all at low cost – you decide the price).

The team at Loopa Automate have extensive background in online marketing and digital solutions with extensive knowledge of programmatic advertising and Ad Technology.

With over 17 years experience across a range of online disciplines, our operations team are experts and analytically driven when it comes to dynamic display and social advert campaigns.

Meet Our Team

Nick Sertis
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Matt Cahill
Director & Co-Founder
Jason Norris
Technical Director
Belinda Wilson
Senior Account Manager
Javier Ortiz
International Business Director
Courtney Henshall
Senior Account Manager
Aline Pino
Senior Programmatic Manager
Jamie Melville
Programmatic Executive
Programmatic Executive
Mark Glorie
Senior Developer
Benny Ku
Head of SEO
Matt Foti
Senior Product Designer
Chris Xiong
Web Developer
Programmatic Executive
Gabriela Roman
Junior Developer
Amanda Allier
Senior Account Manager

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