Case Studies

Employing new Ad-tech platform Loopa-Automate, Automotive Classified's are now able to advertise listings beyond their own site across social, native and programmatic channels.

The Ad-technology uses both retargeting and prospecting to display adverts to in-market and relevant automotive audiences at scale with micro-campaigns, displaying vehicle advert information within dynamic creatives to the right audience at the right time.

Research shows that buyers begin researching their automotive purchases anywhere from 4 years in advance and that nearly 70% of buyers have begun their research within 6 months of making a purchase.

With Loopa-Automate, Dealers are able to identify which stage of the purchase process their buyers are in and remarket to them based on this information. Dealers are also able to identify the specifications of what their buyers are after, allowing them to not only remarket but also to market similar vehicles in front of consumers where they spend most of their time online.

Through our Loopa-Automate Ad-Tech classifieds are able to see results such as a 350%+ lift in return traffic, UB’s and engagement.


Signifi Media found a gap in the Automotive Classified’s, creating an opportunity for Signifi Media to re-engage buyers beyond their intermittent site visits for any automotive industry. The challenge was to not only remind consumers of cars they had previously viewed, but also present them with brand new listings that meet their historical search criteria  and achieve this at a scale in an automatic fashion. 


The solution? The Loopa Automate platform provides an Ad Automation solution for Dealers which automatically builds out 1000’s of micro-campaigns at scale to advertise car listings via social and programmatic channels to your 1 st party data audience.

Audience segments are created specifically to suit your individual platform, audience behaviour and business requirements. This can be based on a number of variables including but not limited to, search terms they have placed in search, relevant search results, regions they have been looking at and individual vehicle listings viewed.

These micro advertising campaigns are fully automated as it is not practical or financially viable to manually create, launch and track thousands of campaigns daily.

Once boosted, the listing is automatically advertised on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo and many more publishing sites and networks.​


The Agent Extend product, enables dealers to extend their current and new listings to extremely relevant and targeted buyers outside of the automotive’s current site.

Some of the benefits which automotive classifieds will receive include:

  • The Power of a Lookback window: New listings get the opportunity to target potential candidates that were previously looking 90 days ago and haven’t been back to the vehicle portal. ​
  • Push Notification: Show vehicle listings in front of consumers where they spend most of their time online.
  • Increased Engagement: All clicks go back to your vehicle portal driving higher pager views, enquiries/leads and more engagement across the site. ​
  • Reduce your Marketing Costs: All boosted activity pays for your marketing for retargeting. The higher the take up the more branded adverts that appear and a lift in the overall performance of the portal.

Contact Us to find out how Ad Automation can get you increased revenue for your classifieds business – making your audience data work hard for you off-network! ​

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