Hemnet and Loopa Automate

Hemnet greatly extended their reach of online listings and produced tangible results for their advertisers.

Thanks to Signifi Media’s new Ad-tech platform, Loopa Automate, Hemnet has increased traffic to their listings by 50% during the days that the Loopa Automate campaign was active.

How ad automation can make your audience data work harder

Since the start of 1998, Hemnet has been the natural meeting place for real estate agents and property sellers and buyers. Their vision is to be the key to a simpler property transaction. With the largest inventory of properties for sale on the market and the most number of potential buyers, Hemnet is the biggest property portal in Sweden.

They have multiple products through which sellers are able to influence the selling of their property, as well as products that give real estate agents the opportunity to build their brand. Based on population, Hemnet is the most popular property portal in the world with approximately 50 million visitors per month and over one million homes viewed every day.

We live in a time of economic turbulence and there has been uncertainty around the development of the real estate market during the spring of 2020. To extend their reach online, Hemnet has sourced the expertise of Signifi Media and has been working with a team of digital marketing experts utilising the Loopa Automate ad-tech platform.

Hemnet wanted to find a way to extend their reach beyond their own platform, reaching users who’ve visited their site in the past, as well as targeting new prospects. They were also looking for a way to extend their product offering at scale and produce tangible results for their advertisers.

Loopa Automate, Signifi Media’s in-house developed ad automation software, allowed Hemnet to build an in-market audience based on the 1st party data on their platform. This audience was targeted outside the Hemnet platform – on social (Facebook and Instagram) and programmatic display.

The Loopa Automate software generated dynamic creative in fully automated micro advertising campaigns. Each advertiser had a custom creative automatically generated for their listing, which was displayed to the right audience at the right time.

Real estate agents were also able to identify the specifications of what their buyers were after, which allowed them to not only remarket the properties users had previously viewed, but also to market new properties to consumers that met their historical search criteria, where they spend most of their time online.

The campaign has increased traffic to the Hemnet platform and has resulted in more regular site visits from users who have visited the portal intermittently in the past. Hemnet has not only greatly extended their reach, the campaign also allowed them to offer a great service to their customers.

For the customers who bought the Loopa Automate product, listing traffic has increased by 50% during the days that the Loopa Automate campaign was active.
The Loopa Automate campaign has proven to be a quick way to extend their product offering and offer a great service for the end user who wants to list on the property portal.

Agents that take up the real-estate advertising package see a great result in terms of enquiries and leads.

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